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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chapter 21: The End


In current semester all classmates were separated into groups of 3 and they were asked to perform experiments in sets to save time. Anky was grouped with Shamita and Avanti. Avanti; who was a not a girl, she was a volcano. Whenever she spoke one could experience nails coming out of her jaws and hitting the person on face. She was very blunt and very valiant but she had a soft corner for Anky and never did show any ferocity on him. Anky was powerless to recognize why she was like that with him because from morning to evening he made fun of her, snubbed and humiliated her in front of the entire class and apparently this attracted her towards him !!! Avanti began to fall for Anky more and more which Anky never comprehended. Deeps on the other hand could not grasp this and in next to no time Anky and Deeps started having differences over this,

“Why is she always around you ?”, Asked Deeps

“She is not, where is she now ?”, Anky reacted recklessly

“I always see her with you, what’s going on between you two ?”

“Have you gone crazy”

They fought and she cried, they fought again and they cried. This went on for few days and nothing seemed to be working out. On the other hand Avanti commenced next segment of her plan by spending more time with Anky. Clearly she did not get any time in college because Anky was always with Deeps, therefore she decided to go Anky’s home. Avanti started coming home regularly for the explanation that she needs to gain knowledge of mathematical expressions; which sanctioned her to spend hours with him. Anky also entertained her because this way he could be well trained in his curriculum but little did he know that he is getting into an immense and grave complication. Anky never told this to Deeps because she would not have ever understood and never would have approved this. He anyways thought that it is not that greater deal and there was no way Deeps could have known about this.

On a usual day Avanti was in Anky’s place and they both were going through the current lecture notes. Devoid of any notice or hint Deeps came home with Apsara; they both decided to come home to meet me and NM. As soon as Deeps came in, she saw Avanti sitting next to Anky, she got livid and left from there in abhorrence. Anky was pissed with such manners because she did not even give him any opportunity of even explaining as what was going on. He never left his place and said bye to Deeps as she left. After she left Anky was little distress and asked for 2 min break from Avanti. Out of the blue Deeps yelled from ground floor,

“Anky I am going”, she was still not gone

“Wait”, he ran for her

Anky arrived there and she was there all set to disappear on her two-wheeler. He jumped and settled behind her on pillion seat and said,

“Let’s go for a ride”

They went for a ride. After a while he asked her to stop, she stopped the vehicle,

“What is wrong with you ?”, Anky asked her patiently

“I don’t like her and I don’t want her to come any near to you”, she said this while tears in her eye

“She comes only to get her doubts cleared, that’s all”, Anky shielded Avanti

“Whatever it is I don’t want her in your house”

For next 30 min this dispute continued and in the end he managed to influence her that Avanti can mean and cause no destruction, she can be rest assured that no bad can happen. She was persuaded indistinctly and dropped him back to the house, took Apsara and left. When Anky got back to the house Avanti was still there and was waiting for him to return.

“What happened”, Avanti asked

“Nothing, Deeps was not in very good mood”

“Why what happened”, she asked another time

“Nothing, she is not able to focus on her studies and for that reason she is cantankerous”

“Are you guys a couple ?”, she asked a question out of nowhere

Anky was taken aback with that enquiry but he got himself together and graciously declined,

“No nothing like that, we are just excellent friends”, he defended

“Ok, in that case I need to ask you one thing”, she examined the clear room

“Yes, sure, please ask”

“Anky I love you, will you marry me”, she blushed

Anky was struck with a very severe attack of a paralysis with a bolt of lightning at the same time. Anky’s most hideous nightmare had just turned into reality. The girl who he was just protecting with Deeps had just made things much worse for him.

If Deeps come to know about all this then she will eat me alive and will never listen to me because she somehow sensed it before it happened.

“Are you kidding, please don’t make fun of me”, Anky tried to dodge the bullet

“I am not joking”, she was serious

“Look Avanti whatever you feel for me, I am grateful for that but I don’t think the same for you”

“So are you saying NO”, she questioned

“Yes, Avanti, you deserve a much better guy then me”

“I don’t think so”, she started weeping

It took another 30 min for Anky to calm her down and eventually he managed to send her back home. He also talked her into that she should not come home again and stay as far as possible from him because then it will be very tough to get over all this. She seemed to be a matured lady and took things rather positively. Anky was thankful that this did not turn out to be yet another snag in his life. When this sorted out straightforwardly, he decided to tell the event to Deeps and also to let her know that Avanti will not be near me anymore,

“She proposed me”, He told Deeps

“I knew it”, she started howling before Anky could say anything

“But listen to me”, Anky continued

“Forget it Anky its over”, she hung up

What !!!! She did not even listen what happened !!!

Anky tried calling her up the entire evening, the entire week but she just wasn’t ready to pay attention. She wasn’t ready to appreciate that it was Avanti who proposed and not him !!! She was also pissed on him more because some girl in some other class had seen me and Avanti holding hands someday which was so fallacious.

“You are so with her Anky”, she was weeping

“Please hear me out, It’s not true”

“No way”

“Okay then that’s what you want”, Anky also finally gave up

“I don’t want you anymore”
Anky also could not take it anymore and was utterly annoyed because he was being accused for something which he did not even think of !!!

“Ok Deeps lets break-up, I guess this what it was meant to be”


And we hung up for ever



Vamshi said...

I would like to quote from Om Shanti Om.. In the end sab achcha hota hain.. Agar nahin hua toh, abhi the end nahin hain doston.. Something on the same lines.

Syed Junaid Ali said...

teri multi angular prem kathaa per mein toh film banaoongaa dekhiyo...

Ankit Agrawal said...

@Syed :- Ha ha ha Bahut Bahut Dhanayawaad