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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chapter 4: Girl who asked 10 Rupees

Dementor Verma, a distinctive Fair delhite Hot smilewho most of the times could not manage his smile whenever he showed us his rage. In each ragging session he publicized,

“Beta abhi ChuChu nahi hai varna tum logo ko kha jaata” (“Chuchu is not here or else he would have eaten you up”, meaning he is merciless).

We heard this 1 time, 2 times, 3 times and few more times, he was mentioned always in each ragging session, ruthless, brutal, Cruel, violent, a Cold-blooded DementorDevil.

We by now had a conclusion after so much build-up “Boss asli real deal to Chuchu hai baaki sab Dementor to bachche hai, Hitler ka mama aur Mussolini ka Tau hai Chuchu”. (Rough meaning, if you live to tell the tale about Chuchu then you can also cheat deathVampire bat)

And the day of reckoning arrived, we were back from college that late afternoon and we heard that Chuchu is back and given that we have heard tons of evil stories, we pictured him something like this.


That same late afternoon we were all summoned in bunches to be ragged by “ChuChu”, we were worried and anxious with above image in our brain. By now we knew every Dementor except for “Chuchu”. We started scanning the room but there was no one with the sketch of ‘Angry HULK’ which was printed in our head. Instead there was this small kid wearing white pants, white shirt, white cap and white shoes with cricket bat in his hand (Is that Parthiv Patel, just completed test cricket series with Pakistan and flew back to hostel ?).

And suddenly he screamed “Introduction chalu kar” (begin your introduction),

Now there was something abnormal in his high pitched tone because I barely controlled my laughter but my 2 unfortunate inmates who were standing just next to me exploded into a roaring laughter Rolling on the floor laughing (It’s a different story that for rest of the night they were calculating the room’s volume with half matchstick). I certainly not expected Chuchu to be opposite of what it was puffed up. By the way Chuchu was/is my favourite Dementor and I guess everyone will be in agreement with me that Chuchu certainly is a rock star Punk.

Disclaimer:- To all my Dementor, You all were sparkling and fun and I can never forget what you did with me so I will expose you all from bottom till top here on my blogs so that next time a Dementor must consider twice before ragging his juniors.

Just kidding yaar don't worry, anyways no one reads my blog other than a small number of people whom I force it upon Nyah-Nyah.

I was also well-known amongst MCA block, students perusing MCA in the same college as ours. The reason was Rajasthan, as I told you the state wise ragging is preferred in the hostel and in MCA block there were these 6 hardcore, Cruel, bloodsucking monster Rajasthanis who had extraordinary love towards me.

They summoned me every single day and was asked to repeat my introduction/Story/Song/Today’s News for 1-2 hours with no clothes, Bad DementorsAnnoyed.


Apsra liked the hype that was given to her Flirt female, who does not. She liked to take a walk outside the classroom for the guys who were waiting to catch a glimpse of her. She still may not know how many people were behind her but there were numerous filmy occasions,

"Don't look at her otherwise I will beat the shit out of you, she is only mine"

We call this "Patna wala Pyaar" where the girl is unaware of who and how many guys want to be linked with her. If girl smiles to him that means she loves him. She is also unaware that people are fighting for this for her. And according to the set of laws the strongest guy who wins in the end can be the solitary guy who can look at her, follow her and earns a licence to say that “The girl is mine” but mind you that girl still may not know the guy, guys like these always win such fights and are always seen arranging furniture in girl’s marriage Surprised smile.

In hostel,

Arnold, "I like her a lot"
Guy 1, "Aray bhabhi hai teri", (rough translation "She is your sister-in-law")
Guy 2, "Ha meri Biwi banegi aur tum dono ki bhabhi", (rough translation "Correct, she will be my wife and sister-in-law to you both")

In “Patna wala pyaar” the conversation between the girl and the conqueror guy never happens and this true affection exists roughly in 99% of all the Guys.

I could not make out why people were fanatical about Apsara. I failed to spot anything in her which appealed me towards her. It could be that I was just out of a very short-lived, very serious and very first relationship and wasn't geared up!!

It was 2nd or third week when groups started forming in the class and the group which grabbed my attention was of girls on the last bench which included Apsara and PK, it was then I noticed that there has been a fresh addition in the class and to that bunch. There was this new girl Princess. I had not seen her before, she must have come today or yesterday I thought. Her form was not astonishing except for few things like her walk, her way of talking and her body language, all gave a signal of a tom boyish persona. I was impressed a little with her overall.

So there she was hanging out with some guys, looking lively, talking to them, smiling on their jokes. I must confess that I loved her smile (I still do). She began moving and started coming towards me which made me little uncomfortable because I had never spoken to her before. I had no thought why she is coming to me, what have I done?? Has she caught me seeing her Sad smile, is she offended for that!! What a crazy women, I thought.

She stood in front of me and said, “10 rupees please”,

I did not know what to say but I managed a smile and said, “What is that you want such a big amount for?”

“It’s for teacher’s day, we are planning to buy a stamp in event of Dr Radakrishna's anniversary”

I swear I did not understand anything what she just said but I did not want to lose the opportunity to introduce myself to her. I gladly presented a 10 rupee note to her and said “Hi, I am Anky”

She took the money and replied, “I am Deepti, Deepti Simha”, My name is Bond, James Bond


Amulya said...

ha ha ha..i didn't remember Deepti collecting 10rs for Teacher's day :)

Suji said...

I really doubt if that 10 rupees was for teacher's day fund. It must have been for Deepti's fund :P Just kidding :) Nice blog Ankit!

preethi said...

hmmmmm Interesting yaar...2001 love story eh! :)

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Anonymous said...

ab samajh mein aaya ki ki yeah sub us 10 rupayee ke chakker mein hua tha .. gandhi ji nahi yaha bhi macha dee ..


Shraddha said...

Very nice one :) interesting

Syed Junaid Ali said...
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Syed Junaid Ali said...

haha..what a nice scene of ragging you have recreated...nice one bro...