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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 22: I flunked


I was down in the dumps; I was lost and was wrecked within. I wasn’t alive nor was I dead but there was something which did not allow me to fix the situation, the faith. She wasn’t ready to listen to me but she chose to trust someone over me who was a complete stranger. I just wanted to get sloshed but being a student you don’t get luxury to get wasted on break-ups. So in pain I went to have tea at Vidhyarthi Bakery. The bakery where the enchantments of Tea and butter bun will overpower your will and freedom. The place where I discovered the most innovative burger, “Deem Butter Bun”, a bun heavily dosed with butter with 2 half pieces of boiled egg squeezed in the middle; I just have three words to portray it,


Amazing Amazing and Amazing

I was miserable and when you are disheartened you must do the thing you like the most, I eat. So you can distinguish how sad I was lately Winking smile. But let me tell you a thing very undoubtedly that if you know Deeps then you would know that it’s impracticable to rupture relations with her; in fact it’s impossible unless she does not want to stay in relation with you; in that case you will never even realize that you are no longer Deep’s friend Angry smile

It was about 30 minutes into our first break-up and out of the blue my phone rang. The phone was flashing “Deeps”, I was infuriated and anxious so I just answered the call,


“Hi”, she spoke

“What is it ?”, I acted as if I am in rush and not interested for a conversation

“What are you doing”, she asked in a pale tone

“Please come to the point”, I was already annoyed

“Nothing I just wanted to have a chat in general”, she said

“What !!! We just broke up half an hour before and you are behaving as if nothing has ever happened !! I nearly screamed

“No no that’s different and this is different”, she tried explaining

As soon as I heard that my brain stopped working and there was blood in my eyes, I was unable to speak, the only thing I could do was to hang up.

She tried calling me a zillion times but I did not answer. I wanted her to know that this relation can workout only if it has 2 way communication, there is no and there can never be 1 way. She then called out to NM who later came and discussed it with me. I still did not talk to her and wanted this condition to get matured in her head. Evening I called her up and asked what is that she wants and things were back on track like usual.


It was a lab exam, the final lab exam. Situation was nervous, I was unruffled and Deeps was routinely panicked and petrified. In every examination we both used to be exact opposites but I guess my cool and her panic always worked out for each other. We went in and waited for the further directions. The procedure was straightforward, you go in and choose your destiny, pick up a chit from a stack of chits and that will determine your try out of the day. And I don’t know why Deeps always argued that I and Apsara always got easiest experiments all through our engineering !!! But I guess this was Deeps luckiest day. She picked up and the instant she opened it she was all cheered up as if some one has gifted her diamond necklace. She looked at me, we exchanged looks of contentment, a look which told us both that we will come out with flying colours. I started with my test, it was quite uncomplicated and easy. I had to connect the wires and had to keep changing parameter ‘A’ and make a note of the resultant parameter ‘B’ and then I had to draw a graph. On the other hand Deeps got the easiest one in which she had to connect wires and show the basic sine wave output in CRO,


The wire connection was a piece of cake, so I was confident that she will get through it before me. But people say that if devil possesses your wits then how much ever simple thing you are aiming at, you will always do the opposite. I was very much confident that I had to vary ‘A’ and assess ‘B’ but I do not know what happened, I told myself, Lets do the reverse, lets Measure ‘B’ and note down ‘A’ and I continued.

After a while the in-house evaluator came in and when she saw what I was doing she was struck with horror, she said you are doing exactly opposite of what you should be doing. As I was possessed by the evil spirit; instead of listening to her, I enlightened her why “what I am doing” is correct !!! She heard me and heard me one more time and left with a Go-To-Hell look. This wasn’t it, now the external assessor came by and he saw my set of connections and said the identical thing which I must tell you that external evaluators NEVER do. But how could I had paid attention because to me both of them were out of their mind,

And they call them teachers …. Huh

I completed my experimentation and I was about to go for the viva (the last step of the entire procedure) and I saw Deeps, under attack by her experiment,

That’s weird!!!

It was time to assist her, it was already 2 hrs up in the assessment and she wasn’t even on track. I adjusted myself next to my setup so that Deeps can see me but examiners can’t. I gestured at her asking what the trouble is. She signaled back saying that she does not know how to attach the CRO chord to the CRO !!!!

What … !!! What … !!! Come again !!!! WTF ….. You are trapped at THAT !!!

Each experiment incorporated CRO so it should have been a sure thing. It was like every time you go to cook food, what do you do foremost, you turn on the burner. She did not know how to turn on the burner. And icing on the cake was her fright. She was about to shed tears when I calmed her down from far by indicating her that I will help her out. It was my Dumb Charades skills that worked out that day and I signaled her entire experiment. According to the examiner she got the most excellent output in that batch. I was reassured and now stepped forward to my viva. Both the evaluators were already pissed with me, they asked me hardly any questions which I replied confidently, both of them asked the last time, if I want to go back and modify what I have written and done, I without any faltering replied a BIG NO. So they asked me to disappear. I came out and the moment I came out I become conscious, as if I was no longer possessed by the demon. I grasped what I did but it was very late. I saw Apsara coming,

“How was your test”, she asked with a smile

“Not bad, I will flunk though”, I replied and walked away with a sarcastic smile on my face for the idiocy I just managed to pull off.


Deepti Simha said...

over confidence.... he he lol

Thushma Nair said...

Naaaaice. Revisited my lab days through your post :)

Amulya said... remember so much ..... :):)
I don't remember anything :(:(

Naresh said...

Labs where my best exams.. sure hit thing.. thanks to labs i used to manage the average... he he he....