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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chapter 23: The Ugly Guest


It was quite a while since we moved into KS layout and now it was like home to us, a perfect place where we could do anything we ever wanted. One more reason for shifting was, if any family member comes down to Bangalore then we can offer roof to them; which started with Rambo, a morning we heard that Rambo’s best friend is shifting to Bangalore concerning work,

“What’s his name”, asked Patti

“Sardar”, Rambo replied

That wasn’t his actual name but it did not matter because entire planet called him Sardar and he had no objection with that. Soon he began to reside with us; he was a comical guy and used to just look out for an opportunity to have a party or any kind of fun. Sooner Sardar’s friends started coming over to our place. After a few months of hang about Sardar left the house but lots of Sardar’s friends by now had become Rambo’s acquaintances, so we not at all felt that Sardar truly is gone because his friends kept coming to our house. On a usual dry evening Rambo made an announcement that one of his and Sardar’s buddy will come today and stay with us for a week,

“Who is he ?”, I asked

“His name is Imran”, Rambo said while looking at watch with an Son-Of-Bitch-is-late look on his face

“Who is he ?”, I was curious

“Imraan”, Rambo answered

“Who Imraan ?”

And here is the most exceptional relation what Rambo told us which I don’t think you will ever encounter,

Rambo’s friend is Sardar

Sardar’s friend is Akhtar

Akhtar’s wife is Zoha

Zoha’s cousin is Priyanka

Priyanka’s friend is Anamika

Anamika’s brother is Bunty

Bunty’s friend is Imraan

“Do you even know him”, I asked Rambo in bewilderment after listening to something which I have encountered only in Hindi movies.

He gave me a shitty face and went inside his room. After not many hours Imraan came with his belongings. We were as usual thrilled for an accumulation of a new person in the house, we greeted him with loads of respect and considered him like one of us, we thought, anyways he will be with us barely for a week so why not make him feel comfy. The week passed with amusement and delight with Imraan, he was a witty guy. 2nd Week began and Imraan was still here, we did not ask Rambo anything; as we thought he might have extended his stay due to some reasons but 2nd week also ended instantly. The entire month passed out and Imraan was still in the house as if he came here to settle down with us. And quickly Imraan was 2 months old in our house, he wasn’t paying any rent or any involvement towards any condiments because we decided not to pose as he was staying only for a week. He wasn’t cooking or helping with any other thing in the house because he measured himself as a guest, he wasn’t working either, yes that means he was an un-employed dead meat sitting on our chest. From morning till evening he was accustomed to play games on Rambo’s PC and had a habit of breaking our records and later laugh on us regarding that in the evenings. At the time of a meal, he used to buy a packet of Maggie noodles. He used to cook them in the kitchen and consumed it from top to bottom within the kitchen because if he comes out of then he might have to split it !!!

It was end of 3rd month and there was still no indication that Imraan will ever say goodbye to us, so we stood up against him and spoke to Rambo. Fascinating thing was that Rambo hasn’t yet become conscious that he was here only for a week and its already 3 months !!! Rambo without delay asked Imraan to disappear. Within 2 days Imraan affirmed that he is leaving. That day morning while leaving for the office Rambo shook hands with Imraan and left because he anticipated that by the time he will be back Imraan wouldn’t be here. That entire last day Imraan tried all his effort on the computer game in breaking my record (Which I produced by hacking the game). He was so caught up and distressed to shatter it that he forgot that it was already twilight. Rambo returned from office and saw Imraan on his computer, his grin; which was there on his face due to some thought in his mind; changed in 10th of millisecond.

“Saale kutte, tu abhi tak yahi, chal bhaag yaha se” (WTF !! U asshole!! Why are u still here ? Get out of the house !!!!), Rambo shouted instantaneously as soon as he saw Imraan

“Ok Ok, abhi jaata hu” (I am leaving), Imraan jolted with fright

Imraan without delay stopped the game, went to the room and took his luggage out. He went down to look for an auto rickshaw. He came back and took his belongings and said,

“Ok guys, I am leaving”, he smiled

Patti and NM burst into laughter; both of them started dancing as if god has granted them a new life.


“Hurrrayyyyyyy, Imraan jaa raha hai” (Hurray, Imraan is leaving), NM kept on screaming the statement again and again on Imraan’s face.

“Ab hum log fir se chain ki saans le sakte” (We are free, we can live again), Patti also joined

Well Imraan was more or less thrown out of the house insulted, I felt terrible for him but that’s what that SOB earned !!


It was already 1 year since I proposed Deeps and it was our first anniversary. We celebrated 2 anniversaries, one where I proposed and 2nd when she said yes. We chose not to go to the college that day. She had to come home and from there we decided to go out for the whole day. She told me that she will come at 10, so I calculated the relative time which is (The time Deeps told + 1 hr) = 11 am. I was completely geared up to astonish her. She came accurately at 10:55 am. She came to the house and we began to chit chat,

“Congratulations”, she said

“Yes, same to you too, we made it, one year”, I chuckled

“Chalo, let’s go”, she said

“Wait, I have a surprise”

“What is it ?”

“You will know in precisely 30 seconds”


Hume tumse pyaar kitna, ye hum nahi jaante, magar jee nahi sakte tumhare bina ……

A song began from nowhere, she was very pleased with the whole situation and it stunned her that the song started on its own. Secret behind that was, auto play in Winamp media player and the moment it starts then call winamp by windows scheduler at Deep’s relative time and bingo !!! The Girl was impressed.


Naresh said...
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Naresh said...

From when did Rambo joined the office..?? U ppl are still in College right...????

Ankit Agrawal said...

Yes we are still in college but if you remember; Rambo is from MCA so he was out before us and working. we are in 6th sem now.

Amulya said...

Yeah...I remember Deepti was happy about that surprise ....:):)
She was really happy :)