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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapter 14: The Proposal


"Can we get married?”

She turned towards me, saw my face in a slight repugnance. She did not know how to respond but she understood and may be she saw it coming. She grasped the situation, took 2 moments to react as if she could not identify what is happening, as if I was pulling her leg. Her face gave me a What-The-Fuck expression!! She stared me for few moments and then she smirked sardonically and said,

"Very funny !! Obviously Not"

I expected this and for that same reason I did not reiterate myself. I was glad that I came over the first, most significant and the toughest obstacle. Now I required to nourish the seed which I just sowed in her mind. I wanted that seed to nurture and become an established notion.

My bus was approaching. I saw her off, we exchanged smiles as the bus vanished around the corner. I was relieved a bit but at the same time I was feeling awful too because I never thought what she might feel. I was all of a sudden blameworthy of something which I did not mean, something which I committed just now. But again I thought that if she had taken this the other way then she would have blasted me off instead of giving me a smile. I was slight comforted but little shaken. I decided to keep my cool and work my plan out further. I was glad that I let it all out and was anxious because she did not react. Reaction was essential, either affirmative or downbeat, I guess I have to wait.

I reached hostel and went straight to my room but something was out of the ordinary. There was no one in my room. At this time of any day my room as a rule turns into a Casino with couple of group of 4 playing 29, with light music and lots and lots of roaring. But it was all not there and that was not at all normal!! Something undeniably was wrong. So I went to the next room and to my surprise same result!! This room was also uninhabited,

Where is everybody!!

And unexpectedly I heard yelling from the room at the end of the lobby. The room belonged to Gujju Dementors. I had to find out what's wrong. I began pacing towards the room. The screaming and yelling amplified steadily. I could make out that there were lots of people because it sounded not 1 or 2 people. The moment I reached near the room, there were people lined outside the room and they were looking at something. The panorama appeared like a murder/accident scene where people surround the body and look at it. Our hostel already had a history of 3-4 deaths in recent past. That very second I shuddered with fear. I was convinced that today 1 Gujju is long gone in that room but then I heard,

But if it’s so why they are yelling !!!

"Abay Shah aagey dekh nahi to marega" (Look in front or else you will be slaughtered), Chuchu shouted

This is not what I am thinking!!!

Right away I shifted few people and tried to get hang of the situation. I was astonished to see nearly 50 people stuffed in that room eye witnessing the most breathtaking occurrence in the history of the hostel. 50 odd people were ogling the computer screen while 2 guys controlling the happening on the screen. Shah was scheming the mouse/keyboard while Chauhan was serving him with additional keys on the keyboard, together they were part of the history, they were playing the most recent sensation, The Tomb Raider.


People were there for many reasons, some were “let your imagination run riot” about Lara croft's body whereas some were there for clean entertainment because it was like a perfect action packed movie which they can be in charge of. The game was on but Shah and Chauhan were having a difficult time, not because of the intricacy of the game but due to the coaching they were getting from the throng,

"Abay M****C*** (Bad word) seedha kar nahi to gir jayegi wo" (Get her straight if not she will plunge down), Dhar screamed when Lara croft began to tip riskily towards left on the pole she was walking.

"Bhai log mujhe pata hai, please gali mat do" (I know whats happening but please don’t abuse), pleaded Shah while turning back to the masses.

"Abay kutte aage dekh wo aa gaya Lara croft ka sasur" (You dog!! concentrate on the screen, Lara Croft's father-in-law is here)

Shah and Chauhan started combating it out with the baddie but quickly began loosing and Lara croft's health bar turned from Green to Orange to RED, indicating that she is about to depart this life,

"B****** Ke (Bad Word) Chauhan, saale maar na use" (Hit him Chauhan or else she will die), Mahajan yelled in annoyance.

Chauhan turned around and gave him a dreadful stare because just few days before Chauhan used to be the official dementor of Mahajan but things were changed,

"Abay meri shakal kya dekh raha hai .... screen pe dekh Lara Croft ka balaatkar ho raha hai" (What are you looking at my face focus on the screen Lara Croft is getting raped), Mahajan bellowed for a second time

Shah turned back again and shouted,

“Saale kisi ne bhi gaali di to bahut bura hoga” (If someone abuses now, the result will be terrible)

“B****** Ke (Bad Word) agar Lara Croft ko kuch hua to tera kya kya hoga wo to abhi mujhe bhi nahi pata but itna pata hai jo bhi hoga bahut dardnaak hoga” (If something happens to Lara croft then I can’t tell you what all can occur with you but whatever will happen it will be agonizing), Ali retorted.

The oomph in the room was so forceful that both Shah and Chauhan had to play like they were playing for their existence. They had to save the game from getting over because if it gets over those 50 spectators will start linking themselves with Shah and Chauhan’s family. Both played until it was late evening and one by one each bystander left for the dinner. Shah and Chauhan took a deep breath of relief, it was a worst nightmare for them. They started playing the game for fun but they soon became amusement for others.

I took my plate and went to have dinner, thinking of the next day. I was waiting to meet her the next day in the college. I was curious to learn what does she think about today,

She still think that it was a joke!! But should I ask her so soon or should I hang around for this thought to settle in her mind first. I guess I had to be patient again for my next move.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha .. i dont know what will happen with your proposal but i am definitly sure about Lara Croft being in same situation on daily basis. -- Rajat

Thushma said...

Is this one among the many strategy applied by guys to propose a gal?!?!.. Nice read, except for the gallis :)

Amulya said...

Ohhh..i never knew that this was the way you had proposed or have i forgotten :S

Vamshi said...