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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chapter 17: The Hindrance


I am into it !!! What the hell that suppose to mean !!

It took me awhile to get back into my room. I took extra time to get ready than usual because I did not know if I should be happy for what just happened Disappointed smile !! Anyways I kept my cool and restricted my sentiments before jumping onto any conclusion. I geared up and arrived at college in happiest-confused mood ever.

This is it; this could be the end of all my miseries Open-mouthed smile

I stood near the classroom and waited for her. There she was coming with a broad smile as if a hanger is stuck in her mouth. She was blushing Flirt female which cleared the air but I still had to be certain,

“So what do you mean by I am into it”, I asked straight off

“That means I also like you”, she said

I was about to say further but she spoke again

“But please don’t consider it anything more than that, I am just into it but I don’t love you so don’t get any thoughts of getting married into your head”, she giggled


I was flabbergasted yet again, my heart was jumping with joy but brain was fuming red hot. What sense does it make ? But I soon grasped that it’s better to keep the silence and play according to the circumstances. So I celebrated that day by spending some extra quality time with her. This in fact was the happiest day of my life, 6 months of hard work paid off and god has given me the gift which I was praying for desperately.

After this Anky and Deeps became that brand of pair who just could not leave each other. They just wanted to have every moment with each other. As they began to spend more time with each other; people started raising concerns. Few did not appreciate it and one of them was Apsara. She in past few months had become a really nice friend to Deeps. PK, Apsara and Deeps used to interact a lot and had very good understanding with each other but not anymore because now Deeps was more involved with Anky and Apsara wasn’t able to digest it. She made lots of attempts to find out what in fact is the affair but no one knew except Anky, Deeps and Arnold.

I told Arnold because I had to rejoice my triumph.

“Why Anky and Deeps are so into each other these days ?” Apsara asked PK in a bare classroom

“I don’t know they are good friends and they like to spend time together”, PK replied

“No I don’t trust that it’s only that much”, Apsara differed

“Why don’t you believe that they can be good friends and nothing more”, Apsara asked PK

“Because I know, I was close to Anky and I am close to Deeps, I know what they feel for each other”

“Bullshit, you don’t know anything”, upset Apsara left the classroom.

Apsara forced PK numerous more times but she did not get any pleasing answers. She did not have anyone else whom she could ask this from. NM, Patti, Arnold were mere Hi-bye friends with Apsara and anyways NM and Patti did not know anything so Apsara got nothing when she asked them. Apsara asked Deeps straightforwardly a number of times but no respond and it was possibly 67th time when they were having this unchanged conversation,

“Do you like him ?” Apsara asked Deeps

“Yes I do”

“So what next from here”

“What do you mean”, asked Deeps

“I mean from here what ? Love …. Proposal …. Marriage … what ?” Apsara stressed on last 3 words

“Oh please why are we having this chat again ?” Deeps was pissed

“Look I know there is something going on between you two and I just wanna know the truth”

“Haven’t I told you the truth already so many times that we are just good friends”, Deeps explained

“Look Deeps, I am exhausted of running behind you, you don’t have time for me these days, I am all alone”, Apsara broke down. She started weeping. She could not take it any longer.

We completely disregarded our friends; we never realized that such conditions also can crop up. Deeps had to take a call, either deny again and loose a friend OR tell her the whole lot and gain her faith back. She chose prudently,

“He proposed me 6 months before”, Deeps sighed

“And ?”

“And I said yes”, she announced cheerfully

“What ?”, Apsara wasn’t delighted

“What ? What ?”, Deep’s grin washed out

“You cannot do that, how do you know if he is the correct guy for you ?”

“Why are you so obsessed ?”, asked Deeps

Apsara’s apprehension was not anticipated, not by me and not at all by Deeps. As the days progressed Apsara became my no. 1 rival because there wasn’t even a single day where she did not attempt to sway Deeps to say no to me and rupture the relationship. It was un-reasonable for both of us. Deeps ultimately started having different beliefs because of Apsara and it was Apsara’s ill fortune that Deeps discussed all this with me and I was excellent at annulling the Apsara effect from Deep’s head. But she was beginning to turn into a ruthless sting day by day. Apsara consequence was causing stress so much that if yesterday Deeps was “into me” then the next day she was “Out of me” !!

Expectedly or un-expectedly NM came to liberate me. I think he also was going through the similar thing which Apsara was going through but as me and NM were not very emotionally involved so he could not have had a discussion with me about anything. But I think between all this NM fancied his opportunities and began to implement a bright plan. On Rakhi day NM declared Deeps as her sister. Deeps was overwhelmed by this because she had few cousins but only sisters, she was blessed to have a brother which she welcomed. Poor deeps did not know that this was a setup to come close to Apsara. The plan did work, when Apsara heard that NM is now brother to Deeps; she was impressed with his move and in no time NM proposed. This gave an ignition to a spanking new race, Apsara still was forcing Deeps to get away from Anky and now Deeps started forcing Apsara to not to say yes !!!


Piyush said...

:) battle for love just turned into a war

Siddharth said...

Ummmmm...getting interesting by the day!

Smitha said...

Is Arnold also readin this blog?? Just curious... :)

Ankit Agrawal said...

Yes Arnold is reading it and just to clarify, Arnold could never gathered enough courage to tell Apsara. The best part was that Apsara knew about it but she could never have imagined herself with Arnold so nothing ever happened. Even Today Arnold is same, he falls in love @ first sight with each girl who comes in his life but as I told you; he does not have stomach to tell them so each girl leaves eventually and marries some other guy.

P.S - I am sure Arnold will never get married :D

Sanjaya said...

how come u have such a photographic memory of all that has happened 7 yrs back? I can hardly tell what happ last yr or even a month... but such details!! u have lots of patience & memory :-)