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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chapter 18: Goodbye Hostel


Say Yes or no, say yes or no, this was the only fixation that was going on in Apsara and Deeps head. It was hard to decipher what to do with their love life but Apsara understood it almost immediately and declared clearly to NM that nothing can ever happen between them. NM could not digest this, they had a big fight, NM tried hard to sway her but Apsara was immovable on her judgment. Sooner NM succumbed to Apsara’s NO. It was now Rambo’s chance to get things alright for his mate. Rambo was from MCA, NM and Rambo were die hard friends, they could have been a couple if any of them was of an opposite gender.

Rambo spoke to Apsara and even upon consistent negative response from her; Rambo just kept pleading Apsara to give NM one final opportunity. Apsara was still obstinate on her choice; she went to NM for final break-up but little did she know that she was going right into the ambush by Rambo and NM. NM said few dialogues which Rambo taught him, a little bit of crying and BAAAMMMMMM, poor Apsara fell into the trap and ended up saying YES to NM instead of pre-decided NO. NM became a hero overnight in his own eyes, he almost got his victory published in the newspaper, more or less everyone knew about it as well as Anky. Anky was not all right, Anky was livid, Anky was infuriated because it was same Apsara who was trying to demolish his relationship but when got a chance for herself; she did not let the opportunity go. Anky got the intelligence from Deeps that Apsara is going to say no to NM which reassured him but when he heard that she has said Yes; he hated her from the bottom of his heart.


After the happiest day it took me 43 cry sessions, a constant fight with Apsara syndrome and 6 more months to influence Deeps for wedding. So people who are mad with her about her marriage decision; it wasn’t her choice; I drove her crazy to say YES Devil

After all this I had to take a key decision because after her conformity it was no good to stay so far from her. So I started working on a plan. The mission was to get out of the hostel and rent a room outside near the city so that it will be easy for us to meet up.

I alone could not have afforded the rented house, I was in love not crazy !! I was looking for a partner and I had one, NM. He was all set to shift out with me for obvious reasons. We began the house hunting. We found countless places but they all were suffering with the same crisis, all were out of our budget, even if we split it wasn’t possible to pay for the house just by 2 of us. We needed more people; we needed at least 2 more guys to move in with us so that we can divide the rent with no trouble. NM of course recommended his best buddy Rambo which I approved but we were still short of 1 more name and THEN NM suggested a controversial name, Patti. I promptly said no, I was prepared to stay back in hostel but living with him again was out of question.

Patti and I were roommates from 2nd semester, everything was going pretty well but sooner there were lots of differences that aroused between us. We hated each other. We stayed together in one room for close to 2 years but we spoke only for say, 6 months !! And after superman incident, it was a big No No.

“Over my dead body” I said

They tried everything on me but nothing worked out and then when I saw that if we don’t take him then there is no way we can shift, I had to concur. To me more important was love then abhorrence. We settled on a house in KS Layout, the rent was sharable and the locality was amazing. A commodity store was positioned just under the house with a Rent-o-DVD store directly opposite, moreover, it was just 5 km from her house.

We decided to shift as soon as possible but there was one trouble, we did not have any furniture. The house where  we were moving to also offered nothing. It looked like we must shell out no less than 2-3 k additionally for buying essential furniture, unless ……

“Unless what”, NM asked

“Unless we use the same table chairs what we are using already”, I sounded crooked Be right back

“What !!”

“I mean we will shift and we will take the chairs and table with us what is given to us in hostel”

A bright plan but to accomplish it, we required precision,

1. We will call 2 tempos to move our bits and pieces

“Why 2”, NM interrupted

“Yaar tu sawal bahut poochta hai !!! For diversion” (you ask way too many questions)


2. 1st tempo will come and stand in front of the hostel main gate in which we will load our personal belongings

3. The additional tempo will secretly position itself on the backside of the hostel where all illegal stuff like table, chair and stools will be loaded. Everyone will be paying attention to the front gate and we will come out clean on the 2nd one.

4. We have to implement this at the time of warden shift change because at shift change the hostel is unguarded for at least an hour.

The day arrived and we were in absolute control. Everything was going as per the plan. Both the vehicles were loaded with the relevant possessions. I was a little gloomy, I wanted to take something more. I wanted my 7 feet godrej cabinet too. I think I became a little too greedy.

“Abay charas kha ke baitha hai kya, pagal ho gaya hai” (Have you done marijuana ? Are you crazy ?), Rambo rebuked

“No I have to have it, it’s precious”

“No way you can have it”, said exasperated NM

“No I want it, let’s get it”, I said and went inside to get the cabinet

“Help me”, I asked Rambo, NM, Patti and Arnold

I sought for their support and they lifted, not the cupboard but me. I cried and bellowed but they did not pay any attention. They dropped me into one of the vehicle and asked driver to go on a full speed. I was sad, till today I am sad, I should have got that cabinet. I kept looking at the hostel until it disappeared. Well it was time to move on, Deeps and Apsara were in high spirits that we guys made it out of the hostel because that way we can have more gatherings.

The same day Deeps arrived in the evening and she had an assignment for me,

“Get ready and let’s go”, she said

“Go where ??”, I enquired

“You have to meet my cousin, your first meeting with any of my family”

My jaw dropped, “How ?? Why ?? What ??”

“Yes, if we have to get married then we have to accomplish things this way”

“Ok ok let me get ready, but who is she ?”

“Her name is Archi”, she said in a spooky tone

And I went “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I am already scared”


Vamshi said...

They lifted you and took you out of the hostel.. haha.. funny.

Ankit Agrawal said...

Yes, they did that, I mean it would have been easier to lift that cabinet instead of me :D

Thushma said...


Well written, esp the lifting of cupboard errrrr.. you.. :D

Smitha said...

Oooopss.... Chori!!!

Piyush said...

dost bachpan se tumhari planning solid hai :)

finally a YES and a journey begins.
keep them coming

SR said...

Extremely funny.. :)
Look forward to the next chapter..