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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter 16: Did she say Yes ??


Unexpectedly my life had a different implication to it. That tiny ray of hope on college day gave me a gigantic boost to look forward for excellent things. Things which looked not so bright for quite a while unveiled quiet dramatically. It was commencement of 4th semester and I was just back from Jaipur. I think it was the fifth day since my return, a fatiguing opening day of 4th semester took a toll on my body, I succumbed to sleep at around 10 in the night which was way too early.

Someone is screaming my name “Anky, Get up and come out”,

Am I dreaming ? There seem to be too many people, but where ?

I got up in fright. I looked around but it was just me in the dark room.

I think it was a delusion, but wait, someone banging the door of my room “Anky, get up”

I got up and unbolted the door, it was VK and behind him there were 20-30 juniors, my juniors who were in conflict. They were holding on to something and were completely pissed. Before I could be aware of anything Patti came face to face to me and yelled,

“Why the hell did you give photographs to Deeps ?”

I was still half asleep but I managed to retort, “What photos are you talking about ?”

“The photos where all our juniors are posed as Superman”, he spat his rage on me.

It quickly struck to me and my stomach lurched,

In 3rd semester few of us (Excluding me) carried out a very comical ragging session, in that meeting we asked every junior to pretence as superman. In short, they had to be dressed in their underwear over their jeans and tuck a superman-standingtowel on their shoulder for the cape. In no time there were roughly 30 Superman in different colors and sizes, lined up in front of their dementors. As if it was not good enough for dementors; they decided to make it a remembrance and clicked few pictures of them. I don’t know who sought those pictures and whose proposal it was but it was done on Patti’s camera. Now somehow those pictures ended up with Deeps who was uninformed that with all other pictures “Superman” pictures are also up for the show. She used to take the college bus and she happened to share the seat with a junior girl Harshika (Name changed) who again “happened” to be the classmate of most of the supermans in the shoot. So when Deeps and Harshika were going through those pictures, out of the blue they met with a queue of supermans and the Harshika burst into laughter. Deeps did not find it hilarious because she did not identify anyone but Harshika recognized almost all. Listening to her vociferous laugh, more girls and guys in the bus came to witness those pictures and rest was history. The following whole day, week and month; every superman faced the finest awkward time of their life. The same day when they were a subject of laughter all over the college; in the evening it was Patti’s turn to get the bashings because it was his camera which took those breath-taking pictures.

“I did not give any picture to anyone”, I clarified while rubbing my eyes, still trying to come to life

But soon the flock of juniors came close to my room. And as soon as they grasped that it was me who gave all the pictures to Deeps, which resulted in their attractiveness in no good sense; they started shrieking on me and demanded an explanation. Before I could explicate the correct picture; some of my divine batch mates came for the rescue and joined the juniors. They began to recite the same song what juniors were singing. VK came to salvage me and shooed everyone away. I went back to my room and tried to sleep but sleep was miles away,

How the hell can I cause such a gaffe, I need to find the truth.

Later next day, upon uncovering the truth everyone realized that the film roll was handed to Deeps by Patti much before I came back from Jaipur. He gave it to her because she lived in city and to get film roll developed will be a painless chore for her. She did her job but the only 2 slip-up she did was that,

# She looked at the pics, and

# She was my “girlfriend”

I met her that day and discussed this matter briefly, my main aim for that day was to get involved in her thoughts and try to get as much information as possible so that I can make her value why it will be good if we get together. I tried a lot but she was obstinate on the answer no, I explained her a lot, I explained how much I care for her and how happy we will be but the answer remain un-changed. I did not understand, I concluded that the college day message was just to cool me down and nothing more. I guess I lost it again, I was drained of explaining her and I also was tired of crying. Yes I cried A LOT in front of her so that she will melt and say yes but no she was a ROBOT.

I decided to give up because it was already 6 months since I proposed her and it did not seem to be working out from any direction. I spoke to Arnold, I used to tell him everything, we were best buddies,

“She will not say yes, I am quitting”, I said with a disheartened expression

“Don’t you quit or you will never get her”, he showed some anger

“No, I cannot do this anymore”, and I succumbed to sleep, I was mentally tired.

Next day it was a regular day, I was getting organized for the college and surprisingly I heard “Anky Phone”

That’s weird !! Who can it be now ??

I reached down to the phone, I held the handset against my ear and said “Hello”

“Hey it’s me”, it was Deeps

“Hey what’s the matter, are you not coming to the college ?”, I speculated

“No I am coming but this isn’t about that”

“Okkkkk, so what is it about ?”, me sounded absolutely confused

“Anky I am also into it”

“What do you mean by that”, I scratched my head

“Anky I am also into it what you are into me”

I missed a heartbeat, is this it ?? Am I dead ? Am I in heaven where my last desire is about to become a reality ? I gathered all my nerves one more time and asked,

“Are you saying that you are in love with me ??”, I asked calmly

“No I am just into it”, she recited

What ??

“I also like you a lot, I gave it a lot of thought and resoluted to tell you this”, she clarified

“So you are also into “it” but you don’t love me”, I was completely clueless by now


What the F%$& !!!!

“Let’s speak in the college today about it”, she said and hung-up

I stood there for 1 complete minute with the phone receiver still attached to my ear. I was trying to figure what the hell just happened ??

Did she say yes ??


Piyush said...

Deepti ne tujhe bahut sataya hai dost :)
but i guess u wud cherish all dat for rest of ur life :)

Sowmya said...

Very Nice.... I hardly know both of you but really interesting piece of story.....Well written!!!!

Smitha said...

Cooooollll...... I never got an idea about saying Yes like this.. Else wud hv done the same to even my husband.... hehehehehe...

N a v 3 E n said...

Ankit, in next chapter just write why girls fool us by saying 'No' even if they like.
- By heartbreak Kid( :-) )

Deepti Simha said...

Did I say yes is the question?...... I was immature then.... I should have said no ha ha ha :-). Any ways i guess because of me behaving like that... Ankit has a story today.... pyaar asanise thodina milne main maza atha hai :-)