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This is story is a series of fictional events about a north Indian guy and his south Indian journey. My aim here is to entertain you by narrating some interesting and hilarious incidents.

I have no intentions of making racial remarks or hurting anyone, if I may do so accidentally then I apologies.

P.S - Movie makers will be prosecuted if they make movie on this story without my permission :D

Note:- I have not read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, mind it.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 27: The Unexpected


The feedback established by Deeps was not so good and not so bad. Natrajans had already decided that they will get her married to me but a grave question still lingering around in their mind was, how honest the guy and his background is ?

“I guess they will call me a couple of times and will question me to know me better”, I told Deeps

“May be, I don’t know”, she said sheepishly
I was pretty peaceful after talking to her parents and was convinced that things will go smooth from here on.

Shortly it was time for me to go to Jaipur and on this occasion it was Live free or Die hard. Since I had already spoken to her parents; it was time now to give my parents a shocker, my mom by now had an impression about it but dad wasn’t aware of it.

“I wanna talk to you”, I told my dad, I was nervous

“What ?”, he asked

“There is a girl called Deeps, she was with me in college, I want you to meet her”

“What is the necessity of all this ?”, he responded infuriated

“Why did you have to go that far to make a relation?”, he almost yelled at me

I kept quiet and paid attention to what he is saying for next 10 minutes. It was obvious that he had to display his rage because he is father and had to rubbish this conversation initially but none of his questions and reasons indicated that he is not rejecting it either J. Well, I did not try to argue further on this and allowed this thought to sink in him.

A week after I was back to Bangalore Deeps called me at 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon, which is a very odd because usually her parents are there in the house the entire day.

“Hi”, I said startlingly because I don’t anticipate calls from her on Sundays

“How are you able to call today ?”, I asked her

“My parents are not in town, they have gone to Chennai”, she said

We spoke for some time and just about the same time I was getting another call, it was my mom.

“I am gonna have to call you back, my mom is calling”, I told her

I hung up and I rang my mom,

“Hello”, My mother answered the call

“Hi Mom, tell me, you called ??”, I asked

“I have news for you”, she said it very melodramatically

“Yes, what is it ?”, anticipating no big deal from her.

“We had visitors today in our house”, her tone changed from histrionic to cryptic

“Ok, Sooooooo ?”, I also adjusted to her tone and asked carelessly

“Where are Deepti’s Parents ?”, she asked

“They have gone to Chennai …………. ohhhh shitttt”

It instantly transpired to me the well-conceived plot by Natrajans. Everything became translucent, the address she took from me, the excuse to go to Chennai. Everything started falling into place.

My mom recounted the complete incident,

My mother was sitting in the living room when she heard the door bell. She opened the door and found a couple of strangers. They introduced themselves as Deep’s parents. They did not want to warn me or my parents because by unexpected visit they just found out the real us or else we could have fabricated our appearance if we had known that they are coming. Deep’s mom did not talk, she just examined the house. She was terrified and concerned. All the talking was done by her father. My mother then called my father to come home and when he arrived, they surprisingly had a pleasant and smooth conversation. Deeps parents gave an account of the witty incident occurred with them at the railway station. From Railway station they called up my house and they asked for Anky. Startlingly Anky came on the line, it astonished them also because Anky was supposed to be in Bangalore. They told Anky that they are in Jaipur and wanted to know if my parents are at home or not. Anky on the other side asked Natrajans who are they and who is Deeps ?? I don’t know any Deeps. Listening to this Natrajans almost had an heart attack, after all this if Anky is saying that he does not know Deeps then what will happen ? After few seconds of argument they were positive that Anky has made fool out of them and their daughter. But they just wanted to confirm this and teach Anky a lesson; hence they carried on with the plan to go to his house. Later they discovered that it was a wrong number and the most bizarre coincidental thing was that even on that wrong number they found an Anky. How many Ankys are there in Jaipur ??

I was almost paralyzed after learning all this from my mother and now it was Deep’s turn to get some shockwave therapy. I am sure that she was more than stunned because when I told her this she could not speak and she was scared till death,

“What will happen now ?”, she asked while sobbing

“Nothing, they will be convinced and comfortable about me”, I relieved her

The following day Natrajans came back from Jaipur but did not talk to Deeps. They knew that she knows about their trip but they themselves did not want to conclude anything and did not want to give any thoughts to Deeps, hence they called me one more time.

“We went to your house”, Hitler said without any expressions

“Yes I spoke to my mother, she told me”

She then told all her experience in my house and they narrated the “Wrong number” episode. Hitler told how she liked the place, food and shopping. And finally they came to the earth-shattering question,

“So when can you get married to her ?”

I was taken aback by the unexpected question, but I dealt with it.

“As soon as I will complete 2 years in my current profession because I am not able to take care of myself; How will I look after your daughter ?”, I defended

“No no no that’s not possible, you both will have to get married within 3 months”, Hitler just did not want to listen anything

“If we will do it late then people will ask questions”, she said

“Ok tell people that we have got her engaged, they will stop asking questions”, I offered an honest resolution

“No no no, just talk to your dad and wrap it up”, she was ready to get me married in next 1 hour

I guess she still suspected my character and she was frightened that I will flee !! Why everyone judges me by my face !!! I look like thief but inside I am just a crook !! he he he

“What about further studies after marriage ?”, She asked

“Then who will feed your daughter ?”, the comeback which shunned any further likely debate

It was a reasonable progress but I wasn’t still certain of next step. I spoke to my mom and she persuaded my dad to come to Bangalore to talk and finalize things, to which surprisingly he agreed. They decided to come to Bangalore in next 4 months, both of us were very glad because the dream seen by us 15-16 chapters before was in fact would be turning into reality very soon and without any major obstacles or did we just presumed that little too soon ?


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